Bay Area tech layoffs in 2023 already outpacing 2022's worst

Bay Area tech layoffs in 2023 already outpacing 2022’s worst

Layoffs are nonetheless hammering the tech business arduous, particularly in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. 

With Google and Salesforce, two of the San Francisco Bay Area’s largest, most influential firms, posting extreme layoffs in the previous two weeks, 2023 thus far seems to be a continuation of the tough yr tech staff had in 2022.

Since Jan, 3, the primary enterprise day of 2023, San Francisco Bay Area-headquartered firms have laid off 24,542 staff, in accordance with knowledge from layoff tracker; in the whole lot of 2022, more than 47,000 workers were affected. And in November — the worst month for Bay Area tech layoffs in 2022, throughout which Twitter, Meta, Lyft and DoorDash laid off staff — 27,932 staff got the pink slip.

Google and Salesforce alone comprise a staggering variety of 2023’s layoffs thus far; between them, 20,000 staff have been affected. But Friday’s layoffs at Google, based mostly in Mountain View, gave the impression to be a very ominous portent for what’s to return this yr in the business. On Blind, the nameless job discussion board, a number of customers lamented the Google layoffs, in half due to how resistant the corporate has been to layoffs up so far. One employee stated Google was “the final firm” they anticipated to conduct layoffs, whereas one other wrote a curt message: “No one is secure.”

For as alarming as these layoffs are, they arrive after what founder Roger Lee described as an “unprecedented hiring spree” in tech throughout a pandemic-era interval of favorable business situations.

But the message does ring a bit hole for staff — and it appears seemingly that layoffs will proceed for a short time longer.

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